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What We Do: Practice Areas

We practice IP law, in all its manifestations. But the focus of our practice is to help clients secure

and protect patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret rights and to litigate disputes 

involving such rights in federal, state, and USPTO courts.

The following summaries highlight our practice emphasis in these areas.  

Each one includes a link to a more expansive discussion of these

elements of our work.  


Many IP practitioners shy away from IP litigation.  We don't.  We like IP litigation, and we are very good at it.


Mr. Graham has waged many battles on behalf of clients over issuance of patents and trademark registrations, and he has taught others how to do so.  He knows how IP rights come into existence, and he knows their limitations.  This knowledge and experience, gained from years of IP prosecution practice, is an invaluable and powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled IP litigator.  


Mark has served as lead trial counsel in scores of key patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret disputes in many federal and state trial and appellate courts across the country. He knows how to effectively explain IP matters in simple terms to judges and juries in terms of every day language and common sense.  His experience in IP law and his skill, wit, and decorum in the courtroom make him a very effective advocate in IP disputes.

Our goal is always to keep our clients out of court, if possible.  But we also understand that some IP disputes cannot be reasonably resolved without resort to litigation.  We have the experience and expertise to zealously advocate your rights before the appropriate tribunal, should litigation prove necessary.


Protection of confidential business information is essential to healthy commerce in the US. We can advise you about the risks and rewards of trying to maintain protection of your technology and other confidential business information under trade secret law, and about the patent and other consequences of doing so.


Solid and comprehensive agreements along with strong company policies are an essential part of success in keeping your company positioned to protect its commercially valuable secrets. We can help you put these measures into place.

Your reputation, personal information, and image are precious commodities.  Graham IP provides advice, counsel, and litigation assistance with respect to protection of image/likeness or personalty/personality, reputation, technology law, digital data protection, and other matters in the expanding arena of IP law.  We also advise as to the appropriate form(s) of IP protection with respect to your situation, as there is considerable overlap in many of these areas with different ways to invoke them and different available remedies.

Other IP Matters



What's in a name?  In the business world, potentially enormous value. Trademarks are ambassadors of goodwill for products and services.  They are like "money magnet" muscles that exert a stronger and stronger pull on consumer dollars the more they are used and promoted. 


Federal registration is vital to your ability to protect your brands against encroachment. Our trademark practice focuses on brand clearance and federal registration services, together with litigation of trademark and unfair competition disputes.  We have cleared and registered hundreds of brands in the USPTO and abroad, and have successfully litigated scores of trademark cases in federal, state, and administrative courts.

Copyright is the aegis of the unbounded font of creative expression in America. Protectable copyright arises automatically, by operation of law.  It subsists in untold millions of new "works" created every day. 


However, the value of commercially important copyright-protected works can be seriously compromised by lack of attention to several relatively simple front-end strategies, especially as to ownership. 


Graham IP can help you leverage and monetize copyright in your commercially important works by insuring the use of appropriate agreements, registration, notice, and, if necessary, enforcement in federal courts.

Trade Secret Services

Copyright Services

Trademark Services

Patent Services

The US patent system has changed the world, many times over.  It has fostered hundreds of thousands of world-changing innovations, which in turn have prompted extraordinarily valuable technical advances in America and around the world.  In the past several years alone, US courts have returned multi-billion dollar verdicts after finding infringement of patents claiming key novel technical aspects of vast numbers of products and systems in the marketplace.


We help people and companies participate in our patent system and earn the right to invoke patent protection for their patentable technical and design advances that find their way into commercially successful products, machines, processes of others.  We provide a full spectrum of patent services.  We perform patent searches and provide patent opinions.  We write and file patent applications in the USPTO.  And we prosecute patent applications before the USPTO and before the EPO and foreign patent offices through the agency of overseas associates. 


We also provide patent valuation/monetization, audit, and patent-related transactional and agreement services.  Our patent litigation services include trial and appellate work, springing from a wealth of experience litigating patent disputes in federal courts across the country and before USPTO tribunals.

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