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"I have a dream!"  Mickey Mouse. Billboard's Top 100 Singles (pick any year).  Elements of the software code that drive Google's search engines, or the most successful "apps" and operating systems from Microsoft and Apple.  Hamilton!  The artwork of Sherman, Basquiat, Kiefer, JR, Weiwei, Kusama, and many others.  The songs  “Happy Birthday to You” and "White Christmas."  Almost everything about Dolly Parton and her work. Recent versions of The Bible.

Copyright is by far the most ubiquitous form of IP.  The dizzying variety of commercially valuable "works" that embody protectable copyright is astounding. Every day, digital recordation and manipulation of words, images, sounds, and other "creative expressions" yields an essentially uncountable number of new copyright-protected "works of authorship."


We register copyright in the Copyright Office for a panoply of different “works of authorship“ such as computer programs, literary and dramatic works, graphic art, multi-dimensional designs, sculpture works, musical works, sound recordings, motion pictures and other audio visual works, logo designs, certain product design features, including designs for clothing and other “useful“ articles, architectural works, and compilations and derivative works.

We also advise clients in matters of ownership, licensing, and enforcement of copyright in its many and varied contexts, including e-commerce and commercial exploitation/licensing of copyright in the digital and analog world in which musical, computer programming, textual, artistic, and other works are made available for distribution to consumers.

In addition to and, in some cases, in conjunction with patent/trademark claims, we represent parties in copyright disputes and in US district court litigation enforcing and defending against claims involving infringement, ownership, and/or licensing of copyright.

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