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The Graham Law Firm PLLC works with clients nationwide in Intellectual Property matters. Our firm is a start to finish solution for every step of the copyright, trademark, or patent process including litigation and disputes. With over 30 years of experience working in the field of Intellectual Property law we are in a unique position to assist you with your legal matter.

We have experience working with a wide range of products and concepts including but not limited to pharmaceutical formation/process, chemical process, mechanical process, consumer goods, electronics, software, entertainment and design.

The Graham Law Firm PLLC is owned and operated by Mark S. Graham, a thirty-year veteran Patent/Intellectual Property ("IP") Lawyer. 

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Mark's IP practice is uncommonly diverse. He prepares, files, and prosecutes patent applications and trademark and copyright registration applications in the United States and overseas for a range of large, medium and small companies, as well as individuals. His technology proficiencies include, for example, chemical, pharmaceutical, life science/biotech, material science, environmental, films/coatings, paper/paper-making, and medical/dental technologies.

Mark has substantial IP litigation experience. He has represented parties in IP disputes before essentially every category of tribunal with subject matter jurisdiction to enter a judgment in an IP dispute. This includes prosecution and defense of claims of IP infringement (and other IP issues such as ownership, breach of contract, bankruptcy, and the like) in federal and state courts across the Country, and has closely assisted associate counsel in IP disputes overseas. Another major area of Mark's litigation experience includes handling appeals and inter partes disputes before USPTO tribunals. These include, on the trademark side, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or "TTAB" and, on the patent side, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board or "PTAB".

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